Italian Luxury Solutions labratory : the luxury shopper wants sensational  experiences

Us at strongly believe that the online luxury shopping can not be done in the same style and mode as a cheep discounted product or next to others in this gigantic electronic flea market.

The luxury shopper wants sensational  experiences exclusiveness EMOTIONS THAT ONLY MONEY CAN BUY!!!

In our Italian Luxury Solutions laboratory we are working on this and soon will be coming out with our innovative solution for the DIGITAL LUXURY SHOPPING that will be a revolution and a must have technology for top luxury brands that want to prosper and not parish in this NEW "Digital On Demand" WORLD and serve all those affluent consumer that want that amazing luxury experience but on demand from any part of the world and be able to buy easily and remotely in the moment THEY DESIRE! " See Now Buy Now" is what todays customer wants and this give the consumers that ability and power to buy from where and when they what!

This is what all brands must aim to today, if they want to survive in this technological Darwin's  evolutionary age of mankind  but must be done in the right manner and way in consonance  to their brand image especially if in the LUXURY SECTOR….so I totally agree with Mr. Jean Jacques Giuony"

di Alexa Fast,Ceo di Fast-Impact

Alibaba Group Holdings' finance arm on Wednesday demonstrated a payment service that will allow virtual reality shoppers to pay for things in future just by nodding their heads.

VR Pay, the new payment system, is part of Alibaba's efforts to capitalize on the latest technology in online shopping. In 2015, for example, it introduced a facial recognition technology for Alipay mobile payments service advertised as "pay with a selfie".

The VR payment technology means people using virtual reality goggles to browse virtual reality shopping malls will be able pay for purchases without taking off the goggles. They can just nod or look instead.

Lin Feng, who is in charge of Ant Financial's incubator F Lab that has been developing the payment service over the past few months, told Reuters: "It is very boring to have to take off your goggles for payment. With this, you will never need to take out your phone."

User identity can be verified on VR Pay via account logins on connected devices or via voice print technology that recognizes each person's unique voice. Lin said this was the most convenient method in a VR setting compared with other biometric recognition technologies.

But passwords will still be needed for authentication, which the user can also enter with head movements, touch, or by staring at a point on virtual display for longer than 1.5 seconds, he said.

VR Pay is expected to be ready for commercial launch by the end of this year.

Ant Financial said its new VR-based payment infrastructure can make VR "a tool rather than just a toy" by connecting various VR goggle makers and app developers to the Alipay payments platform.

Ant Financial Services Group, which was demonstrating VR Pay in Shenzhen on Wednesday, operates China's largest online payments service Alipay with more than 450 million daily users.


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